Moped Safety Course at NIACC

NIACC will be offering

Online Moped Safety Classes this summer.

Are you…

…planning to obtain your moped license?

This course is required (if you are under 16) to get your moped license. It is

also a great opportunity to prepare to be a safe, aware moped driver.


9864 Wed., June 16, 2021

9865 Wed., June 30, 2021

***Read the Iowa Driver’s License Manual BEFORE class.***

…preparing to get your driver’s license?

This course provides preparation for success on the exam and helps you start

off on the right foot with safe, common-sense driving habits.

NOTE: You must be age 14+ or within six months of your 14th birthday to participate.


To register, please call (641) 422-4358.
When registering, please have student’s name, address, date of birth, and
phone number available. $49 tuition is due upon registration


All classes are from
8 : 3 0 AM – 2 : 3 0 PM

For more information, click on this link