Driver’s Education 2021

Driver’s Education Information 2021

The North Iowa High School is offering 1 session of Driver’s Education classes
this year and a wide variety of options for student driving times. The class sessions
for all students will be done at home and your packets and text books will be passed out
late February. You are welcome to complete the class work without a driving permit as
long as you hold a driving permit before your first scheduled drive. If you are interested
in this year’s driver’s education program, sign-up with the high school/middle school
secretaries before February 24th.

At sign up you will need to turn in the course fee and an
information form that is available on the North Iowa home page.

The State of Iowa sets the driver’s education requirements and we must meet
these standards. State law requires a minimum of 30 hours of class instruction and 6
hours behind-the-wheel training. The state does not permit any missed classwork or
driving sessions. Each student must obtain a driving permit before your first drive and
bring it to all your drives. You will not receive your certificate of completion until all
class and driving hours and assignments are completed.

Since all class work is done at home it is important to use your time wisely and
complete all the work before your last drive. Those of you wishing to complete the drives
early will need to complete class work quickly. Remember the certificate of completion is
not entered until all class and driving work is completed. If interested in school permits,

remember state law requires you to hold a driving permit for 6 months

and complete Drivers Ed. before applying.

The driving schedules will be arranged after the sign-up and Mr. Gerzema will
use your information form to decide how quickly you want to drive. The spring drives
will be held on Saturdays and after school during the weekday. For those of you with
summer or early fall birthdays, driving will begin after you obtain your permits.

For safety we will drive 1 student at a time.
The tuition for this year is $340 – or $360 for out of district students – and is due
at sign-up. No refunds will be made for failure to complete the course.

Questions call – Dean Gerzema @ cell 641 590 2564