Wellness Center

The North Iowa Community School Wellness Center was designed and constructed with the intent to support student and community wellness.

Community members are allowed to purchase annual memberships for $75.00 for unlimited use of the equipment and facility.

  • Memberships to the Wellness Center are available at a cost of $75.00 per year, per member, with completion of annual training as set by the District. (Members must be age 18 or older and not current high school students).
  • Members will be given an all-access key card allowing use whenever a school activity is not in use of the Wellness Center.
  • Members may allow family/friends to enter the Wellness Center at no charge as long as they are being supervised by the member.
  • All-access key cards may not be shared or passed to others.
  • See Wellness Policy for complete list of membership rules and regulations for Wellness Center use.


New Members

New Member Training class will be offered on a monthly basis

To request a new member training session, please contact Superintendent, Joe Erickson or email: joe.erickson@northiowa.org

  • Registration is not required; training will last approximately one hour.
  • Class is held in the entrance of the Wellness Center.
  • During training, a picture will be taken of new member for use on the key card and member book.
  • Key cards will be made available within a week of training, but not the same time as training.
  • Payment can be made at the time of training or when you pick up your key card.
  • Application form is available at training or can be printed below and brought to training.