Technical Support


My Computer says it is Locked and contact the Administrator

Why does it do this?
If a user does not log off, after several minutes the system goes to sleep and locks the screen until the user comes back to protect their files.

What do I do if this happens?
If it is during the day and obviously the student/staff have something they are currently working, grab them and have them unlock, save their work, and explain that this ties up the resource so that others can not use it. It is important that you log out if after hours and obviously someone just left things on hitting the reset button to restart the computer will allow the system to provide login.

Note 1 - This will erase any unsaved work

Note 2 - While rebooting the computer is the only way to get around this, there is a very small chance this will cause system damage and a reload of the system will be needed. Only do if this is it’s the last option.

My computer is locked (mouse will not respond)
  1. Is Keyboard plugged in?
  2. Is Mouse plugged in?
  3. Press control-alt-del on PC or Apple-Control-On/Off Key on Mac
  4. If it still does not work turn off power or unplug machine
I can NOT print
  1. Where have you told it to print?
  2. Is printer on and responding (no errors on printer)?
  3. Is network/printer cable connected?
  4. Have you restarted?
Computer won't turn on
  1. Is monitor on?
  2. Is monitor plugged in to computer AND wall?
  3. is computer plugged in wall?
  4. Is power strip on?
  5. Does the outlet you are plugged into have power to other devices?
  6. Is your keyboard plugged in?
  7. Have you tried plugging computer into different outlet?
No Internet
  1. Is your network cable plugged in?
  2. Have you restarted?
  3. Contact the media center