A Message from Elementary Principals

A message from Elementary Principal, Shawn Miller:

A big shout out to Mrs. Knott for starting her “What’s Up Wednesday” videos last year.  What a great way to keep families connected!

This week, Mrs. Knott had the fantastic idea of making her video about positive changes for next year.  At the end of this email is the link to the brief video she created of me saying goodbye and Mrs. Henely saying hello!

Even better, Mrs. Knott let me join her in her classroom SEL lessons this week to answer any questions students may have and to give me a chance to spend time in each classroom during this last week of school.  Saying goodbye to these amazing kids is hard….

Best of all, Mrs. Henely was here today to visit with Mrs. Knott and me, stop by some classrooms, and even join our elementary faculty meeting.  Everyone loved Mrs. Henely, but unfortunately, she was upstaged by Baby Rorey, her 15-day-old daughter.  

So, watch the very brief video, and have an we will have AMAZING last two days with your sons and daugthers!  I hope our energy can match theirs! LOL!