North Iowa High School is offering 1 session of Driver Education classes this year and 2 options for student driving times. The class sessions for all students begin Saturday, March 7th and will run through May 9th. You are welcome to attend classes without a driving permit as long as you hold a driving permit before your first scheduled drive. The spring drives will be held on Saturdays after class and after school during the weekdays. The summer driving option will start after school is out for the summer and ends before July 4th. If you are interested in this year’s driver education program, sign-up with the high school/middle school secretaries before February 21st.

The tuition for this year is the same as last year $320 or $340 for out of district students and is due at sign-up. Families needing to make payment arrangements may contact the school business office.  No refunds will be made for failure to complete the course.