Lifting Program


North Iowa Lifting Program is available to ALL student athletes.
Current Lifting Times:

  • The plan is to have the boys and girls alternate lifting at 6am and 6:50am.
  • Whoever has early basketball practice (boys or girls) will lift at 6:00am, whoever has late practice will lift at  6:50am.
  • The next week when the schedule flips, they will also alternate who lifts first (boys or girls).

Lifting is open to any student athlete who wants to start the strength and conditioning program to improve their overall productivity. We would encourage meeting at the scheduled times, or with a group, but you may lift on your own until your season starts. You MUST be with Mr. Hanna or another adult — adult supervision is REQUIRED.
The program is as follows:

Core lifts
• Squat
• Deadlift
• Bench Press
• Power Clean
There will be other supporting lifts done on the same days as scheduled core lifts. Plyometrics/Conditioning/Agility will be relative to the sport you are conditioning for. ALL students are more than welcome to lift, even if your sport isn’t going on right now. Don’t hesitate to contact Andrew Hanna with any questions: